Preparation Advice From Experts For JEE Advanced

While preparing for any exam it essential to follow previous year exam papers to get familiar with the exam pattern. Let us take a look the suggestions from some of the experts about the preparation and how to go abut it.

Some would suggest the ideal method would be to really do Irodov very well for Physics, Loney for trigonometry. Calculus is good in most coaching materials that students will find.


There is no shame accepting that Chemistry is a difficult topic and it’s not skill based subject. So as you spend more time you will get better. Just like it is said as a popular opinion, “practice makes you perfect”. You will hit the law of diminishing returns and should stop when your ambition and time allows you to.

So essentially your first priority should be Physics and Maths and do Chemistry as time permits. Physics and Maths would be useful in engineering later on as well as jobs. I have almost never used Chemistry!

As an aside, I also recommend applying to Canadian and Australian universities in case JEE does not work out as well.

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