The ship will have various points where it will dock once it reaches Melanesia

For a relaxing way to get to an exotic birding destination, look into cruises. The Melanesian cruise for example, is jam packed with activities to keep you occupied or to simply lie back and relax. This will surely beat going through the hectic airport environment and a gruelling air journey. It may take a bit longer to reach the islands with a Melanesian cruise, but it also ensures that you would arrive in a relaxed and refreshed mode, ready to tackle all of these tropical birds in their natural habitat. Transport to the Melanesian Islands will be done on the ship as will all of the lodgings required of the trip. Transport outside of this will consist of getting to the departure point of the ship which is not included Melanesian cruise packages. The other aspect would be road travel once the islands are reached. This is covered on Melanesian cruise packages. The ship will have various points where it will dock once it reaches Melanesia.


From here, passengers will get onto smaller boats and set off on their adventure for the day. For birders, this would mean going out into the wild, where the Melanesian bird species can be found. This does not mean that birders will get to miss out on the other fun aspects of the Melanesian cruise, such as visiting tribal villages or indulging in local performances. The trip will be planned so that birders get to enjoy a healthy mix of birding and other island activities. Birding forms the focus on many Melanesian cruise packages though. They will leave early every morning on daily excursions. Trips are made into the jungle areas. Guests are warned in advance, when they book into the Melanesian cruise, to wear light and long clothing to shield from the sun and bugs while also staying cool in the warm and humid weather. The trip starts early, as this is the time of the day that birds will be at their most active state. This is surely not to be missed.

Birding is so much more than just finding a new species of bird and noting this down in a journal. Birders have a true love of birds and will want to spend a bit of time on any new species that they spot, to analyse their markings and behaviour. From here, birders will move on to take advantage of the morning lighting and get in some photographs before settling down for a picnic lunch. The heat is heaviest at this point so the rest is a welcome one. At this point of the tour, guests will depart from birding and partake in other island activities before boarding the ship. This is if it is not a night when there will be some nocturnal birding being done, in which case birders will remain on the island. The Melanesian cruise ship will only depart for the next destination once all participants are on board. Since travel is done at night for the ship to be docked in time for the next day’s arrival point, there will be no camping done during the course of the Melanesian cruise, which is not a problem as guests will have their own rooms on the ship.