The Southeast African country of Mozambique offers so much of scope for birding

The Southeast African country of Mozambique offers so much of scope for birding, that the normal tour time of 2 weeks is disregarded. Instead a Mozambique birding tour takes place for around 3 weeks. The warmth of the area allows for tours to be done all year round so there is a greater chance of scooping a spot on a tour to the area. Birding is done all around the country from the coastal to the central areas. To take full advantage of the offerings of the land, birders should ideally go with someone with a trained eye. No need to search the deep corners of the internet to find worthy Mozambique birding tour guides. Simply book a tour spot. Birding tours are similar to normal holiday tours, in that everything that is needed when travelling to a foreign place, is provided for.

The exception is that the focus remains on birding. Whereas, on other tours, outings are made to popular tourist locations, on the Mozambique birding tour, guests are taken to popular birding areas. The idea behind birding is to explore as many species and make a recording of your own, detailing physical and social attributes. Birding starts off in areas close to home, but once there are no more species left to explore in the area, birders will have to venture outwards. This can be done within the boundaries of their own country or a more exciting international getaway. You can guess, which one birders will prefer more. Birding trips to international locations need not be expensive.


Tour companies offer trips at a fraction of the cost if you were planning it on your own. Take advantage of the massive savings they get from travel partners and secure a spot for a Mozambique birding tour. They will organize all of the aspects needed from an international holiday along with ample birding time. This will save you time along with money. You do not want to be paying into a shady deal and get to Mozambique and have to pull out more money. Trust the experts who have direct relationships with people in the area. With a schedule organized by people with an intricate knowledge of Mozambique, you know you will be getting a lot of value for the money you pay.

Places of particular interest on the Mozambique birding tour are the Rio Game Reserve, Panda, Mount Gorongosa and the Limpopo Floodplain. These areas give birders a chance to really add to their birding list and more time is spent here than in any other area on the Mozambique birding tour, because time is needed to enjoy the sheer amount of endemic species found in these regions. Native birds include the Olive Headed Weaver and the Malagasy Pond Heron. Even though they are endemic and can be found here in quite large numbers, it does take a trained eye to know their hangouts. A tour guide is extremely helpful for this. You do not want to be wasting a lot of time searching for bird species when you can actually spend that time, birding.