The Stans tour is the journey of a lifetime

Passing through five countries on a single highway, the Stans tour is the journey of a lifetime. As one of the most remote places on earth, not many people even think about the Stans tour when choosing their next holiday destination. The tour is around 2 weeks and takes place on the Pamir Highway, a famed mountainous stretch of road which is one of the highest ever. The highway may be ideal for adventure cyclists but offers a great scheduling opportunity for culture buffs too. Along the way the Stans tour guests will be opened to a world that very few have ever experienced but there are 5 places in particular which are totally unique and offer the most scope for tourists. Starting off the Stans tour is Dushanbe.

Now while the tour can begin here or in the end city of the highway, Osh, it is preferable to do it this way as Dushanbe is a bustling city and Osh offers more of a relaxation tone that better suits the end of a holiday. Dushanbe is filled with monuments and museums right there in the city. Other areas will require a bit of travel out of the city for access. The main points in Dushanbe are the Independence Flagpole which is the tallest in the world and the City library which is the biggest in Asia. It is also the only modern city on the route. On the other end of the spectrum is Osh. While also relatively modern, there is more of a relaxed atmosphere in the city.


The unwinding base happens to be the base of a wildlife sanctuary of many protected species of animals. It is from Osh, that the Stans tour guests will depart for their flight back home. Along the way on the Stans tour, a stop is made at the Geisav Valley. The narrow lakes next to the rockeries make for the perfect campsite. It is one of the few stationery points on the Stans tour and is done purposefully, so that guests have ample time to take some shots of the area and also to wander around exploring this gorgeous spot. Explorations will lead to the nearby Chasma hot springs.

The high temperature of the water combined with its high sulphur content gives a bit of muscle healing to anyone who takes a dip. The springs are very welcome in the cold region. Langar provides the Stans tour guests to see one of the most iconic forts along the way. There are dozens of forts along the Stans tour but the Khakha near Langar is noted for its well-maintained structure. Langar is also noted for its Buddhist nature and much insight to the history of the religion can be gained whilst here. Khiva is the city that many describe as should have been a wonder of the world. The intricate mosaic designs run not only through the mosques and mausoleums but all round the city. The city was not an overnight success and took centuries of building work to complete.