The Algeria tour takes guests through a fascinating journey of Africa’s largest country

TheĀ Algeria tour takes guests through a fascinating journey of Africa’s largest country. There is so much to see and do that an Algeria tour is longer than other typical holiday tours, generally 3 weeks in length. The Algeria tour will take guests on an adventure through coastal, mountainous and desert cities. Most holiday agencies operating the Algeria tour prefer to make their start base in Algiers. One does not think Mediterranean when thinking of Africa but this is exactly what Algiers is, seeing as the city lies on part of this beautiful Sea. Algiers is probably Algeria’s most known city, in part to it being the capital of the country but also for the numerous white buildings that line the edge of the city, right next to the beaches.

Algiers is also home to the El-Hamma Garden and Monument of the Martyrs. Both are must see sights and are included in all Algeria tour packages. Visiting the country as part of the tour means guests will just have to bring along themselves to Algiers and some personal items. Everything else is provided for. All transport within the country is provided for in air-conditioned road vehicles. For travel in the mountain areas, there is use of a jeep vehicle and at points in the desert, guests will get to ride camels. Accommodation in the coastal and mountain areas of Algiers and Constantine respectively, are done in hotel establishments that are quite famed having been around for a long time.


Constantine is another city in Algeria and is the third largest. It was built between mountains and the suspension bridges that are used to travel the city have become quite iconic. As with Algiers, there are many museums and architectural sites to visit. There are towns in the desert cities of Taghit for example where nights can be spent in the desert areas but during travels through the desert, it is time to set up camp. Over 80 percent of Algeria is covered in desert so a significant amount of time on the Algeria tour is spent in this terrain.

The solidarity of the area and the rock formations do make for some good photography outlets but there is so much more to explore from cave paintings to ancient forts. Guides come along throughout the Algeria tour taking guests between places and ensuring that the group is keeping to the schedule set out. In areas like Bechar and Timimoun it would be pretty easy for a foreigner to get lost. Even with the aid of a navigation system you would want to maximize your time in the country so see as much as possible. When you venture outside of the towns itself, guests will get a true understanding of the layout of the land. This will not be as easy a perspective if you go to Algeria on your own instead of as part of a tour group. Groups on an Algeria tour are small in size so there will not be a huge amount of people to contend with.